Anonymous Missouri player says team is not completely united in protest (Dr. Saturday)


Despite the sentiments expressed by Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel and athletic director Mack Rhoades on Sunday, it appears that not all Tigers football players are on board with the team’s boycott from team activities. In light of increased racial tension on Missouri’s campus, dozens of African-American members of the Mizzou roster indicated Saturday night that they would not participate in any football activities until UM System President Tim Wolfe stepped down or was fired. Pinkel and the entire team met (and did not practice) on Sunday and he said in a joint statement with Rhoades that the team “does not plan to return to practice” until graduate student Jonathan Butler, who is on a hunger strike until Wolfe is removed, resumes eating. The Mizzou Family stands as one. We are united. We are behind our players. #ConcernedStudent1950 GP — Coach Gary Pinkel (@GaryPinkel) November 8, 2015 However, a white player on Missouri’s football player told ESPN’s Brett McMurphy that the entire team is not united. “As much as we want to say everyone is united, half the team and coaches – black and white – are pissed,” the player, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “If we were 9-0, this wouldn’t be happening.” The player also told ESPN that coaches told the team that the situation “would blow over eventually.” The player also said that his teammates decided on the boycott after some met with Butler on Saturday night. From ESPN: The player indicated the team had been aware of Butler's hunger strike for several days. However, some black players didn't decide to take action until Butler met with some players Saturday night. "Not everyone agrees with the decision [to stop all football activities]," the player said. "Most people are pissed, including the black guys [on the team]." The Tigers, who are 4-5 on the season after losing to Mississippi State on Thursday night, have regularly scheduled off days on Mondays. Next on the schedule for Mizzou is a matchup with BYU in Kansas City. The player said coaches told players to continue preparing for the game. If the team’s participation in the protest continues and the game is canceled, Mizzou would owe BYU $1 million, according to CBS Sports. From CBS Sports : CBS Sports was able to obtain a copy of the contract signed by both schools Nov. 11, 2014. It calls for a two-game series. Game 1 is Saturday at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium. The return game is set to be played at BYU in 2020. The home team is required to pay the visitor a modest $250,000 rescheduling fee for each game. Saturday is considered a Missouri home game. The cancellation clauses make up the biggest part of the contract. The “defaulting party” agrees to pay $1 million to be paid no later than 30 days after the scheduled game if it's not played within that window. There have been several  incidents of racism on the Missouri-Columbia campus in recent months. The campus’ student-body president, who is African-American, said in September that several people yelled racial slurs at him in September as he was walking. Additionally, in October, an intoxicated white male shouted slurs toward members of the Legion of Black Collegians as they rehearsed for a play on campus. The most recent incident, on Oct. 24, involved a swastika was smeared in feces on the wall of a dorm bathroom. These events triggered the “Concerned Student 1950” movement, which has resulted in protests and demonstrations calling for the university to take action against racism on campus. The outcry has been largely ignored by administration and Wolfe issued a statement Sunday afternoon that gave no indication he plans to step down.  For more Missouri news, visit . - - - - - - - Sam Cooper is a contributor for the Yahoo Sports blogs. Have a tip? Email him or follow him on Twitter! Follow @SamDCooper


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