Ohio State is sportsbook's favorite to win national title (Dr. Saturday)


The favorite to win the College Football Playoff is no surprise. The Bovada sportsbook released its championship odds on Wednesday and the Buckeyes are 11-4 favorites to win it all. Alabama and TCU are tied for second-favorite status at 7-1. Despite the question of who will start at quarterback, the Buckeyes are pretty much the consensus pick in preseason polls to not only be back in the Playoff, but to win it. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football: Sign up and join a league today! ] Auburn is the only other team with single-digit odds to win the title. The Tigers are at 9-1. After that it gets a bit clustered. Here are the teams with 50-1 or better odds. • Ohio State 11-4 • Alabama 7-1 • TCU 7-1 • Auburn 9-1 • USC 16-1 • Baylor 20-1 • Michigan State 20-1 • Notre Dame 20-1 • Clemson 22-1 • Oregon 22-1 • Florida State 25-1 • Georgia 28-1 • LSU 28-1 • Oklahoma 28-1 • Stanford 33-1 • UCLA 40-1 • Arkansas 50-1 • Michigan 50-1 • Tennessee 50-1 • Ole Miss 50-1 • Texas A&M 50-1 We're thinking Michigan is on the board at 50-1 because of a possible influx of Michigan bettors. While the Wolverines should be improved, they don't have a top 20 chance of winning it all. The SEC, as you can see, is well represented in the top 18. Six of the top 20 teams listed are SEC teams, though we'd rather have Missouri and its 150-1 odds than Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Mississippi. Boise State is the highest non-Power Five conference team in the odds. Its odds are also 150-1. Bovada also released its odds for conference champions. Here are the top favorites for each league. AAC Cincinnati 2-1 Memphis 11-5 Houston 9-2 UCF 13-2 ACC Clemson 2-1 Florida State 5-2 Georgia Tech 5-1 Louisville 9-1 Virginia Tech 9-1 Big 12 TCU 8-5 Baylor 5-2 Oklahoma 5-1 Oklahoma State 7-1 Big Ten Ohio State 1-3 Michigan State 15-2 Wisconsin 15-2 Nebraska 10-1 C-USA Marshall 5-4 Louisiana Tech 13-5 Western Kentucky 11-4 Rice 8-1 MAC Northern Illinois 3-1 Toledo 3-1 Western Michigan 3-1 Bowling Green 4-1 Pac-12 USC 2-1 Oregon 12-5 Stanford 7-2 UCLA 7-2 SEC Alabama 2-1 Auburn 11-4 Georgia 11-2 Ole Miss 9-1 - - - - - - - Nick Bromberg is the assistant editor of Dr. Saturday on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at nickbromberg@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter! Follow @NickBromberg


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