University of Missouri rally: Photos, updates from the scene in Columbia (Dr. Saturday)


University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned Monday amid racial tension and the ensuing social activism by students , including a hunger strike, and the Tigers' football team taking a much-publicized stand against Wolfe and the situation. Our Nick Bromberg is on the scene from Columbia. Get up-to-the-minute updates, photos and more from the ongoing rally. Jonathan Butler, the student on the Missouri hunger strike, speaking to the crowd now. — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 Butler emphasizing this is "not a moment but a movement."Crowd reciting "I am a revolutionary." — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 "It is our duty to fight for our freedom."Easily over 1,000 students in attendance — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 Protesters asking for "journalistic integrity" from reporters as rally concludes. — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 Butler in the gray and black hat talking with those around him before getting into a silver car — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 Butler now getting into the car. Students attempting to block all media from being near. Shielded by sweatshirts now — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 This is a fascinating scene. Students who used power of media, both traditional and social, now pushing away from it. — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 The signs in front of the tents on Carnahan Quad. — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 The tents had good food. Panera coffee and Chipotle catering. — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015 This flag is one of five flying over the site of the rally — Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 9, 2015


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